The Problem

Currently, almost on a daily basis, most private practices receive at least one no-show a day; ultimately resulting in lost time and an open slot in the schedule unfillable on such short notice.

These dreadful no-shows take away from the profit your clinic could be making, reducing your efficiency. Based on our calculated estimate majority of mid sized clinics on average lose about $15k monthly due to these no-shows. This is a significant sum of money to be losing out on every month, and many practioners use certain methods to attempt to fix the problem.

The Attempted Fixes

Some of the usual methods to deal with this issue are:

  • Hiring a dedicated admin to call patients the day before their appointment
  • Threatening to assess monetary penalties.
  • Writing appointments on reminder cards.(Not effective)
  • Sending reminder texts/emails (sometimes using commercial software from dental software vendor - usually $200-600 per month).

Now the methods above are all great at reminding the patient about the appointment at that time, however, these methods are all considered inaffective to reduce no-shows, due to the human brain constantly generating new thoughts. That maelstrom never ceases and as a result we tend to lose sight of our appointments.

It was also found that there is a strong correlation between no-shows and the patient's value. For example a high value patient often with dual insurances (that together pay 100%) is quite prone to forget. Life is often hectic for many of us, and as a result, we tend to forget about things that we don't consider a priority.

Thus no-shows are still a problem.

The Solution

What if these no-shows were preventable? With even less effort expended by the office's employees than ever before?

Well, Show Up is designed to excel in this use case!

Show Up will take care of reminding the patient the way each individual patient requires. It will do anything possible to make sure they show up and not annoy them needlessly. The patient will have ability to communicate FREE and easy with the office if they are possibly running late. It even is automatic - with built in geofencing and auto arrival notification. Your office knows if the patient has arrived or will be there - say - in 5 minutes so no need to worry. All this with no calls, no scrambling to find where the patient is. If the office is behind and you need patients arriving later (so they do not discover this when they are in the reception) this also can be done via the app. If the patient needs to reschedule the appointment, that is possible as well.

Customers and patients get the app for FREE AND FREE setup for your office included.

Currently the app is targeted to be released in general production on iOS and Android by late October.The office interface will be first implemented on Ipads, with an Android tablet and web interface arriving shortly after. We are also working on integration with various dental software; so your appointments only need be entered once and the patients arrival will be auto-updated.