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Events Organizing
Simple & Efficient

Invite friends and finalize event details.
No more hassle when organizing events!

What is Showup?

Have you ever had difficulty arranging an event with your friends? When will you all be free? Where can you go to have fun? Showup is a brand new social network application that helps you organize events and activities easily. With functions such as RSVP, voting and chatrooms, Showup makes it easier for you to invite your friends and finalize details efficiently. Let's download Showup now and start to invite your friends!

How to use Showup?

Start by installing Showup onto your device and connecting it with your Facebook account. You can then create events and set details. Finally, invite your friends to join!

Instant messages, location and photo sharing

Showup has a built-in chat room for you to send instant messages and share your location and pictures. Participants can freely talk about the event and finalize event details.

Event details are always synchronized

All the event details in Showup are synchronized to users’ accounts. If the event is updated, everyone will get the latest information via push notifications.

All are welcome to manage the event

Everyone can help manage an event, such as inviting friends and updating event details. Play a part in making the event a success!

Can Showup support my device?

Showup currently supports iPhone devices, and Android devices running OS 2.2 or above.
Does Showup charge any service fees?

Showup is a free service. As an Internet connection is required, your service provider may levy mobile data charges. Please consult your service provider for further details.
Why does a smiley icon appear in my friends list?

Your friend has already installed Showup if the smiley icon shows up next to their name. Encourage them to install Showup if they haven’t done so!
Is my event open to the public?

No, all events are private and are shown to invited guests only.
Can I still use Showup after changing my phone?

Definitely. If Showup can support your new phone, you only need to install Showup on your new device and connect it with your Facebook account. All the existing events in Showup will be automatically downloaded to your new phone.
Can I still use Showup after changing my SIM card?

Definitely. Showup only requires a connection to your Facebook account. Changing your SIM card does not affect Showup.